We unburden our partners by finding the best Capital FIT.

What we do

We understand the complexity of real estate developments and financial markets alike. We operate in the field of transaction management, capital structuring and M&A. In the early years of our existence as a company, we focused on supporting developers and land-owners in the sale of predominantly residential real estate developments. Over the years, we have grown into a full-fledged real estate boutique firm, capable of facilitating various types of transactions and structuring services in different real estate asset classes.


Building on our extensive track record and wide international network, we support institutional investors, family offices and HNWI’s with real estate assets searches and deal origination tailored to their respective investor criteria. We proactively look for opportunities in the market with impact and provide support in underwriting procedures and negotiations. We work closely with technical, tax and legal advisors to ensure an efficient process.

As we stay on top of market developments, we always know what (international) investors are looking for. Having this knowledge enables us to work with clients to optimize the marketability of their projects in an early stage in terms of ownership structure, program mix, floor plans, sustainability, etc. Since we act on behalf of buy-side as well sell-side clients across various transactions, we constantly reinforce our added value for both sides of the table. Together we determine the optimal sales procedure – there is no one-size-fits-all. These sales procedures can either be asset or share transactions. We work closely with technical, tax and legal advisors to ensure an efficient process.


With our combined expertise of financial modelling and equity capital markets, we structure the required equity to realize real estate developments. From a legal point of view this means we often initiate and structure joint-ventures with other developers and/or investors. From a financial point of view we always look to stretch return on investment and multiples with respect to cash-liquidity. We also raise capital for development- and investment funds amongst institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies as well as amongst family offices.

We provide developers and investors with relevant insights about debt conditions, cash flows and profitability. We know exactly what type of information and analysis is required by various lenders and for various debt products. Our preparation includes financial modelling and information gathering to ensure an efficient and predictable credit application process.


As a result of our hard work over the last years and impeccable reputation, the developers and investors we work with trust us with supporting them in (off-market) M&A transactions. In doing so, we take tax, regulatory and operational considerations (HR) into account.