We are Capital FIT, experts in connecting progressive developers and investors with inspiring real estate projects.

Matchmakers building trust

We are investment matchmakers and deal architects for those who believe that financial return can go hand in hand with social and sustainable return. By taking responsibility for the entire investment journey, we open up opportunities to create value for our partners and society at large.

While expertise and experience are essential to every investment, what we do best at Capital FIT is build trust. Trust between developers, investors and public stakeholders. In doing so, we create social impact with financial capital whilst ensuring risk and benefits are aligned. We build the trust needed to realise investments in forward-thinking projects that positively impact people’s lives for generations to come.

Thinking beyond numbers

Passionate and entrepreneurial in spirit, we unburden our partner by being truly involved. From transaction management and capital structuring to M&A, we help our partners navigate the complex environment of real estate developments and financial markets. By understanding the real estate market and thinking beyond the numbers, we find the best Capital FIT for every project.

People at the core

By putting people at the core of what we do, we help our partners invest in projects that promise not only financial returns but social and sustainable legacies as well. This is how we contribute to resilient communities.


With our investment company EarthY we initiate real estate projects at risk. Often together with our partners. EarthY is a platform that enables us to execute on our vision of sustainable living environments and impact investing.

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Incredible things happen when you match forward-thinking investors with forward-thinking projects.

That’s what we call
Capital FIT.